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The meable of gold offers a multitude of creative possibilities at its nature state. Celebrates the gleaming brilliance of gold in sunny jewelry and watch collections

Our Background

Gold-Fastlane, powered by Regal Global Nine in the United Kingdom (RG9.UK), is a Gold Mining and Trading Company whose focus is on both extraction and trading operations. Our trading platform manages both wholesale and retail transactions through our Gold Mall System.

Gold-Fastlane’s corporate office is in London, UK with regional operations in Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Indonesia

Our Core Value

• Sector expertise – a highly experienced operations team
• Best quality locations – exclusive access
• Regulatory compliance – administrative efficiency
• Relationships – strong liaison with State authorities and agencies
• Market trading network – on a global basis
• Global Fund Management – London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cambodia
• Multi-national facilities – exposure to investor network
• Digitally networked business community

Our Aspiration

To pioneer the application of digital platform technology in the management of gold trading operations.